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 “The same way your body flourishes if you wash it, feed it, care for it and love it, so will your hair. Honestly, health is the priority, length is a preference" - Divine Ngalu


Divinely Crowned is a high quality all-natural hair care and personal care line created by Divine Ngalu, which consists of variety and diversity in a range of products. Our products are made from raw and unrefined natural organic ingredients, with the highest quality and richness, it promotes health, growth and care. We cater to all hair types, genders and age categories, from adults to children, also including beard care for men. Divinely Crowned aims to inspire self-love, confidence and authenticity, at a reasonable and affordable price.  




Divine francine ngalu

Divine Ngalu, CEO of 'Divinely Crowned' is a 23 year old Congolese Entrepreneur. Divine has always had a unique and entrepreneurial mindset, inspired by her father Clauvis K Ngalu. Growing up in the UK, Divine and her mother did not know how to properly care for her natural hair. Due to the lack of information, the easier option was to chemically straighten her hair; so she thought, but this was definitely not the healthy option. However, because of the lack of knowledge Divine did not know how to best cater to her hair for it to thrive. In 2014, at the age of 16 Divine decided to shave her head and get rid of the chemically relaxed hair, when her hair began to grow, revealing to her surprise, beautiful tight springy curls, Divine fell in love with her hair and at that point made it her personal responsibility to learn more and expand her skills when it comes to curly hair specifically and all hair types in general. The birth of her brand 'Divinely Crowned' in 2020 stemmed from her thorough research into the science behind the benefits of natural ingredients, her experience with already existing natural hair products and experiments with her own product creations for her own natural hair, using unrefined organic ingredients from the continent of Africa which is Divine's motherland. After routinely using the products she would formulate between 2016-2020 and being very pleased with the results and outcome - healthier, stronger, bouncier, thicker and longer hair - Divine decided it was time to begin sharing her knowledge and products with the world, starting at her place of residence the UK and aspires to grow and expand internationally. 


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