“Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and hair textures. We don’t need to alter our hair to feel accepted or beautiful.” - Khalida A. Bafalie

Khalida, CEO of ‘KhalidaNaturals’ is an Entrepreneur  of Liberian descent. Dating way back to her adolescent years, Khalida had an entrepreneurial & experimental spirit. Growing up in the U.S, Khalida became obsessed with DIY natural skincare and hair remedies. The birth of her brand derived from her experimenting with a mixed combination of raw oils that she began to consistently apply to her hair.

In April of 2019, after using the product routinely and being well pleased, she re-mixed the oil, packaged it, and began to sell it under the brand name ‘KhalidaNaturals’. Since the birth of her special oil, she dug further into the science behind the benefits of these natural products, which helped  her advance to adding more products to the line. In addition to her line for adults, she has a line for children, ranging from growth oils to leave in moisturizers!

Khalida and her hair care line is a representation for dark skinned women around the globe. It’s understood by Khalida that in today’s world, kinky hair isn't considered “classically beautiful”, which is why her mission for women to wear their natural hair with confidence and pride is so significant. Her goal is to educate others on the true benefits that raw ingredients from Africa has on the hair and skin.  ‘KhalidaNaturals’ is an independent company, which sells their products online. Through short-term usage of her products, one will quickly learn that Khalida surpasses all others in quality and is by far, the best pick of the bunch.