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Hair Type


Your hair type simply means whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair.


In the meantime we use the hair chart in order to determine our hair types, simply because it is what we have right now, until we come up with something better.


We in no shape or form support the inventor of this chart.

Type 3 hair.

These types of curls go straight when the hair is wet and then go back to being curly as it dries. It has clear springy curls.

    ●Type 3A hair is shiny and thick with defined curls. It can also get frizzy.
  ●Type 3B hair can also have a combination of hair textures and has tighter curls.
  ●Type 3C hair has very tight curls.

Type 4 hair.

Has tighter curls, can be coily  or kinky, afro hair also falls under this hair type. It can be sensitive and easily damaged, always take extra care. If type 4 hair is healthy, it should have some shine and elasticity to it.

    ●Type 4A hair is soft, with tight and well-defined curls.
  ●Type 4B is also soft and fragile, with very tight and less defined curls.
  ●Type 4C has such tight curls that it may not even look curly.

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