Moisturise n Seal HAIR GROWTH OIL

This Product Does Not Contain Any Nut Based Oils.

Our 'MOISTURISE N SEAL HAIR GROWTH OIL' Consists of natural and organic ingredients, it is GMO free, Paraben free, Cruelty free and 100% Vegan. This oil caters to the needs of hair growth and thickness. It is also safe for colour-treated, chemically treated, and relaxed hair formulated without silicones, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, and animal-derived ingredients.

Our Hair Growth Oil penetrates and completely absorbs all the ingredients without weighing your hair down, reversing any dryness and flakes from your hair and scalp. There is a combination of unrefined carrier oils with pure essential oils and fresh organic herbs and seeds. This provides the perfect combination for your scalp and strands. With so many causes for thinning hair, our Moisturise n Seal Hair Growth Oil is the solution that can help improve the overall health of your hair, the results are impeccable.


  • This product promotes circulation to the scalp, hair growth and thickness; filling in the bald spots and patches.
  • It helps with dryness and dandruff of the scalp.
  • It attracts and seals in the moisture, leaving your hair shiny and resulting in prevention of split ends.

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil EV Organic, Castor Oil Organic, Jojoba Golden Oil Organic, Peppermint Oil, TeaTree Oil, Lavender Oil, Blend of special herbs, seeds and essential oils (Does Not Contain Nuts)

HAIR TYPES: Our oil can be used by all hair types. Type 1 to Type 4, including Locks and Braids.

APPLICATION: Before using our Moisturise n Seal Hair Growth Oil, take a "before" picture of the length of your hiar, and after 4-6 weeks of using our oil take another picture to see the the growth results and healing progress to your problem areas.

FREQUENCY: On Scalp: Apply 3-5 times a week.

Apply a dime size amount directly to your scalp or targeted areas and massage, this promotes for an increase in blood circulation on your head, opening up your hair follicles to allow in the moisture penetrating into your scalp resulting in a boost of hair growth.

On Hair: Apply 2-3 times a week.


Apply on wet or dry hair before or after your Leave-in conditioner, this allows for an increase in moisture on your hair and seals the moisture in your hair for a longer period of time. Apply to the palms of your hands and smoothly moisturise your hair from top to ends. This oil can be used as part of either your L.O.C or LCO method or as a hot oil treatment or pre-poo.

PRODUCT PRESERVE: Store this product at a room temperature.

CAUTION: This product contains herbs and seeds, if you are allergic to any of these ingredients please do not use this product.

Moisturise n Seal HAIR GROWTH OIL



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